Treatment & Prices

Swedish massage (45min) – £32   (60min) - £45

This sophisticated treatment uses regulated pressure combined with long, strong movements to effectively ease tired aching muscles. Excellent for releasing Knots & tension in the body using healing, detoxifying & energising oils which will help you relax, unwind & revitalise.

Relaxing Massage (45min) – £32 (60min) - £45

This massage will calm your mind nerves and easing his massage will calm your mind & nerves, easing muscle tension to achieve a sense of deep relaxation & peace. A powerful stress releasing treatment will bring balance and harmony to your mind & body.

Back, neck and shoulders (45min) – £30 (60min) - £40

This is a luxury treatment used to penetrate all muscle layers, relieving aches, pains & tension. As well as producing a relaxed feeling, this massage applied with gentle vigour can equally stimulate the body and mind and also assist an athlete preparing for a sporting event by rapidly increasing the blood supply and generally 'waking up' the muscle for activity.

Anti-cellulite Massage – (45min) - £32   (60min) - £45

Used to stimulate the circulatory & lymphatic system this deep massage with special anti-cellulite cup is particularly beneficial when needing to speed up the elimination  of toxins & works precisely on the fat cells dispersing cellulite for a smoother, firmer contour.

Deep Tissue Massage (45min) - £32   (60min) - £45

This Treatment focuses on the release of deep seated tension, designed to open and relax the body’s natural energy flow. Using point pressure assisted stretching & compression movements with gentle rocking. This experience will leave you feeling supple, energised & full of vitality.

Feet Reflexology (30min) - £18

Through Reflexology you can care for your feet and entire body, bringing it into balance and promoting good health. Providing more than pain relief,
Reflexology has been shown to enhance your body's ability to heal more quickly, and help increase stamina, providing more energy and less injury.